Thursday, April 16, 2009

Run-On Sentence Update

Poor neglected blog we'd better get something up here before there are more knock knock jokes I'm looking for jobs and hanging around i've read a bunch of Ender books this week someday I'll get them back to Geron we had a great time in Kentucky you can read about that at Jim's blog it was good seeing Jim and Tara and the kids and seeing Mom and Dad and they were fun to travel with I saw the Cubs lose to the Cardinals today at Wrigley Field it was a perfect day if you were in the sun we were cold in the shade so it was only a really good day my friend Tom had free tickets a few rows up behind home plate and invited me to join him his wife and our pastor I'm generally doing ok it would be nice to have a job but it is also nice to be free for a while we had good Easter and Good Friday services though not in that order I sang in the Easter choir I've applied for a couple of jobs locally but am having trouble finding something I am both interested in and qualified for tomorrow I'm going to Elkhart Indiana for a one day library conference I'd been registered for before the job disappeared I'm looking forward to it and travelling with my former coworkers Steve and I are considering a road trip to the Pacific Northwest in May once his semester is done if I don't have a job yet I guess that's an update is it hypocritical to eschew punctuation but still use apostrophes if you want to email me don't use the address it may get forwarded but there's no guarantee use Aloha y'all