Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Birthmonth

Thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday. It was a fine day. We had cake at work--eventually I might even get a card (it was still being signed, last I heard). After 3-D, Dianne and other friends took me out to Baker's Square. I had a very good cheeseburger and chocolate cream pie. One of my all time favorite desserts was Aunt Ethel's chocolate pie. Dianne got me a t-shirt that says
"Haikus are easy
But sometimes they don't make sense.

I love it. She also got me a birthday card in Greek, one of the best cards ever. The translation on the back of the card was lame but I managed to work out something I liked using a Greek dictionary.

I got a nice blog post from Mom that was very touching and comments from Lydia and Ann.

Steve gave me The Tick on DVD, which is another truly great gift.

The celebrating isn't even over. On Thursday I'll be having delicious belated double-decker birthday pizza from Bill's Pub in Mundelein, indirectly thanks to Mom and Daddy. On Friday I'll be spending the day hiking at Moraine Hills State Park on the Fox River near McHenry, Illinois, and hopefully going to the world's largest corn maize Friday or Saturday.

I've also added a feature on the side of my blog. The LibraryThing Random Books from My Library widget is now there doing what it says, showing some of my books. It also includes a link to my library on LibraryThing, so if you ever want to know if I have a certain book, you can just click there to find out.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Looking for Causes and Goals in Life

I found this on the blog Stuf Christians Like. It's an exhortation to make seeking God the cause and purpose of our lives. I thought it was pretty good. There's a lot of good stuff on there, both satire and encouragement.

Trying to find a cause