Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas and a Poem

Aloha! Howdy y'all. I'm heading down to San Antonio tomorrow to celebrate Christmas with Mom and Daddy and friends. In the meantime I'm enjoying work. Tonight several friends and I went and saw Avatar which was amazing.

This is a poem I wrote for our church's Christmas Eve service.

The Shepherd’s Memory

The slumbering fields are filled with terror
The shekinah of God engulfs the watchmen.
Ancient uncreated light that shone on Moses
Shrouds the shepherds’ hearts in fear.

Fear not! the command, and their tremblings cease.
Peace! Not death. Peace and joy the news.
This night Savior, Messiah, LORD
The end of Herods and Romans and Sin born this night.

The Army of Heaven, fiery seraphim, mighty winged cherubim,
Host upon host rending the heavens in praise.
Glory to God in the Highest, Glory Glory Glory!
On Earth peace to those chosen in God’s pleasure.

The sheep abandoned, at rest in green pastures,
The watchers gone to see the truth lying in the manger.
Bethlehem stirs at the news of the light in the field,
At the coming of David’s son to David’s city.

An old man at the end of his days,
A life of darkness, herods, romans, and sin,
Hears a voice crying in the wilderness.
He lays down to rest in hope remembering,
“Glory to God in the highest and on Earth peace in God’s grace”.