Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Where's My Poster Boy?

I don't know what it is. I guess everybody has some trouble with Mondays, though around here you know what might happen if you mention "a case of the Mondays." If you don't know, consider watching Office Space. Anyway for some reason I have trouble blogging on Mondays. This in turn leads to a days worth of extra calls for me to blog and may in some cases lead to an outbreak of knock knock jokes. I have contacted the CDC about the jokes since some strains can be highly virulent. I had a good weekend. Saturday morning Steve and I had a couple of students from the church high school group over to help us clean and rearrange our apartment. They are trying to work to raise money to go to DCLA, a huge youth evangelism conference hosted by Youth for Christ. So we worked for a little over two hours and redid our living room and cleaned the kitchen while Steve labored mightily in the bathroom. If he ever buys a house the bathtub will not have grout. According to Steve's friend Stephanie the apartment smells cleaner (smells like cleaner to me). Saturday night Dianne and I went to Ravinia for a live broadcast of Prairie Home Companion. We got a spot in the shade so it was nice. We agree that our church needs an occasional fiddle hoedown in worship. We also got to hear a mandolin orchestra. Sunday was a good sermon from John M. on Psalm 2 and Christ as King. We have three preachers John at our church and this summer we're getting a series on Portraits of Christ in the Old Testament from Johns M. and S. while R. is on sabbatical. After church we had pizza and projectiles at Pizzeria Uno's before retiring to Sarah, Dani, and Mary's for social paper reading and dominoes. Dianne killed Aaron and I at Dominoes but at least I came in second. Last night after a long day of not blogging Eric led our LIFE group in a study of prayer and the temple based on II Chronicles 7:11-22 focused on 11-16. The idea was that God has chosen a place for his name to dwell where his eyes and heart will be forever. That place was first a physical place but later become personified in Jesus and then through the pouring out of the Holy Spirit distributed through the Church. Because we are now the temple and dwelling place of God we can have confidence that He hears our prayers and look forward to the day when we will dwell in His unmediated temple when the only temple will be the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb. So our verse for the day is:

"For now I have chosen and consecrated this house that my name may be there forever. My eyes and my heart will be there for all time." 2 Chron. 7:16 (ESV)

Quote of the Day (actually a joke but an honorary quote):
Knock Knock
Who's there?
Interrupting cow.
Interrupting c-

Yep, looks like a virulent strain.


ann said...

projectiles? projectiles? please tell me. i want my pizza to come with projectiles. straw wrappers? french fries? pepperonis? forks? What? WHAT? PLEASE TELL ME!

(my pinkie went to sleep there for a minute and it reminded me of your head. did you ever tell cindee about your head?)


ann said...

and, YAY! i get so excited when you blog. KNow why? because people have to go out of their way to communicate with you (i guess unless they see you a lot, like steve or cindee or whoever else you see all the time), adn this way, i get to hear from you! and so do other people! i'm excited for the other people, too.

can i still call you tomorrow, or are you talking to mormons?

(i'm really excited you blogged!)

my preacher wants to know if you're excited about our church! are you? he asked me sunday, said something like, "I guess your brother's excited about you guys finding this church." i thought, "How sad. I have no idea. i need to talk to my brother more. but he could have posted a comment on my blog about finding a church, or about loving our church, so whatever" and i said "I don't know. I think I get to talk to him Wednesday." and felt a little funny, like, i wonder if everybody's brother is such a celebrity "I get a minute of his time this wednesday! i got a backstage pass!"

i love you very much! i'm excited to tell you about our church, etc, so please tell me i get to call you tomorrow

(now watch me forget after all this fuss...that'd be funny)

ann said...

AND i was just reading about the temple, etc, this morning. i read a perspective i'd never considered before (or forgot about). maybe i'll email you about it

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

You know, when a mom hears the word "projectile" she's only thinking about one of two things - and neither one is something you want to have anywhere near your food! LOL

I hope the knock knock jokes amused you. I have millions more! LOL (Keep that in mind next time you decide to keep us in suspense for days)


But seriously, I'm glad that you include a lot of Bible verses on your blog, because then I get to go look them up and read not just that verse, but the whole chapter (which I think I've told you before). So, between everyone's blogs, various and sundry recommended verses, and my own study - I've covered a lot of the Bible here lately (which makes me happy)!

Becca said...

Sadly, the Interrupting Cow is no more. I hate being interrupted, and I ate him as punishment.

He went very well with a glass of Shiraz and fresh string beans.

The Flying Pig is still entertaining the bored on long lines, though.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

So, would that make you "Hamburger" Lector?


I love puns as much as I love bad knock knock jokes!

And who is the Flying Pig? I've never heard of that one!

Becca said...

I am...the Hamburglar!

The Flying Pig was a Kids in the Hall running skit--a big pink pig who shows up wherever people are waiting to entertain them. He was very popular, until he flew into a power line and was killed.

He was later replaced by Son of Flying Pig, but I think the skit died shortly thereafter.

ann said...

daniel told me last night about some brittish comedy he used to love, something something nonsense, can't remember...anybody know what i'm talking about? anyway, have you seen it?

(and how did it come up? oh, yeah, we realized we both liked charlie chaplain movies...and spanish guitar, turns out)

ann said...

(it had the word "nonsense" in the title..., in case there was any confusion, there...can't imagine)

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

The only Kids in the Hall I know is the "squish your head" thing... which is vastly entertaining when you're in a meeting. Just don't get caught doing it. It's hard to seem mature enough to have a full-time job when you're squishing peoples' heads!

Everett said...

Projectile Equal packets (not very aerodynamic, I only hit Sylvia and an innocent waitress, and Sylvia didn't notice. The waitress seemed puzzled), straw rappers, those paper things that go around napkins (napkin girdles? or "socks") to bundle the napkin and the silverware, napkin bits. Also Dianne and Dave's pizza had full size mushrooms that would have been great for throwing, and weren't too bad for eating.
I did mention to Cindee about the sleeping head. She agreed it was a strange question.

Everett said...

I'm going to be home late tomorrow night. If you want to call do it around 10 if you're still up. Steve won't be in bed yet so you won't bother him.

ann said...

thanks, bub (and i saw where you responded about the church in another blog)

sometimes bopping from blog to blog gets confusing, but it's fun..i'm sure the dynamics will change after a while

and one more thing...is the title of this post from Office Space? I'm not good with movie qoutes, even from really good movies

Becca said...

I didn't recognize the quote from anything in particular, but it did make me think, "Where's my hassenpfeffer?"

Between the interrupting cow and the rabbit, I'm stuffed. I couldn't eat another bite.

Tooz said...

Becky, don't you dare let Lydia hear you talking about hassenpfeffer! That really bothers her, and we don't want to upset the incubator of my grandchild!

Everett said...

The title of the post pretty much came out of my head. It was possibly influenced by Kramer's lament for "cable boy" in the episode where Seinfeld is stealing cable. By the way, Ann, I saw your email. We're having trouble with Yahoo right now but I'll try to respond when I get a chance.

Anonymous said...

Today's CleanPun - "Einstein Burger"

"Have you been to that new 'Einstein Burger' yet?"

"Why yes I have."

"How was it?"

"Relatively good."