Saturday, April 21, 2007

What Else Has Been Happening

April's an interesting month. It's often short at work due to a couple of conferences and sometimes Easter. Sometimes it also involves pushing to finish up schoolwork or degrees. It comes after June and is the fabled home of the commemoration of the ancient and noble Non-Sequitur. Speaking of groundhogs and other small mammals, my friend Carlos has gophers in his yard.

I had a great time visiting Kentucky last weekend. It was much good to see the family and I enjoyed being part of Laurel and Michael's wedding. I'm happy to have a new cousin. It was fun playing with Cora, travelling with Mom and Dad, and blowing big bubbles with D.C. I also enjoyed the drives down and back. I listened to most of Neil Gaiman's book American Gods which was fun.
I had two encounters with police in less than 168 hours. I was pulled over just outside Walton Kentucky at about 10 p.m. (edt) on Thursday. I had entered an intersection when the light was yellow and left when it was red. The friendly Kenton County Sheriff's deputy warned me not to do that. At about 8:15 p.m. (cdt) on the following Thursday was assisted entering my car after softball practice by a friendly Mundelein Police officer. I had very securely locked my backpack in the car. Before going to practice I had put my car keys in the backpack so they wouldn't fall out while I was practicing. Fortunately I had my spare key with me, in the backpack. You can imagine the difficulty. It was also good to know that my driver's side door is apparently impenetrable to someone using the kinds of tools currently employed by the Mundelein PD. If it hadn't been so crucial to my own access I would have been a little disappointed that the passenger door wasn't equally secure.
I did some other stuff. I cataloged some books. I had gyros at Bo-Bo's. I had one of the best long disc golf putts I'll ever have in scoring an unofficial three on my nemesis hole at Adler park. It didn't matter that I finished 8 over, I birdied holes 2 and 3 on my practice throws. I went to a meeting at Aurora University to discuss technical services workflows. I started reading The Children of Hurin. I practiced some softball in preparation for our first game this Sunday. Yesterday I learned that BD's Mongolian Barbecue in Vernon Hills, one of my favorite restaurants, had gone out of business. I went with Cindee to Famous Dave's Barbecue, also a good VH restaurant, and had ribs that weren't burnt, and then went to see Pathfinder. I liked the movie and the meal. I led a Bible study on the call of Abraham in Genesis 12 on Monday and watched the youth try to make sense of the laws in Deuteronomy 14-16 on Tuesday. I talked to Jim for nearly an hour and a half on Wednesday. As a week, it will do.


Anonymous said...

YOu didn't comment that you waltzed with your darling niece, the most beautiful girl at the wedding. And she loved it and her mommy enjoyed watching it.

Everett said...

You're right, I didn't mention that and it was a lot of fun. It wasn't a waltz though, more of a foxtrot. It was 4-4 time, not 3.

Becca said...

Probably a wise choice. Most babies have trouble with other dances, like the Charleston, but do really well with the Worm!