Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Few More Haiku

From the drive home from Minnesota:

Bright lights fill my eyes.
I gently tip the mirror.
Ahhh. Ocular peace.

Wild turkeys roadside,
Two hawks soar over the fields,
Birds on the prairie.

Haiku while driving.
Look up, look down, up again.
Safe driving? Folly.

A couple from my division meeting on Monday:

Weeded books abound.
Primeval reference volumes
Will soon fill dumpsters.

Caffeinated Dew
Preserving my alertness
Both blessing and curse.

Two related to current library problems:

CARLI load misstep
Where are my authorities?
Alas for headings.
(Due to a very fundamental miscommunication in our consortial load process several thousand locally created authority records weren't transferred to the new server. Hopefully they can be recovered. CARLI is the consortium we just joined.)

Call number browse failed.
Help! I'm in the Z's not B's.
Cat. Staff search needs help.
(The call number search in our staff modules got broken during the switch to CARLI as well. You can search for a specific number but you can't browse a range.)


Tooz said...

Well, I guess you could publish a book of your haiku, couldn't you? I'm sure folks would find that bit about the library card catalog foibles interesting! Love you.

Becca said...

Feeling inspired, My buddy Jay, Tom, and I discovered Office Space makes for some great haiku. I'll share some tomorrow when I'm logged in from home.

Might even make Jenn happy with an update.

ann said...

i could relate to the "dew" one very well. drink it to stay awake, and hten wish you hadn't.

i wrote a work haiku the other day, inspired by you and becca, about mrs ahkeeia being on vacation. i miss her. (it was something about the kids listening to her better than to me....) Things were much better yesterday, though.

Anonymous said...

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