Saturday, March 15, 2008

Squirrel and Penguin Dueling Banjos and a Quiz

I saw this on Marko's blog. Here are two great animals, two fine instruments, and some confusing/disturbing yet hilarious imagery. My money is on Penguin.

Marko also introduced me to this book quiz:

You're A Prayer for Owen Meany!

by John Irving

Despite humble and perhaps literally small beginnings, you inspire
faith in almost everyone you know. You are an agent of higher powers, and you manifest
this fact in mysterious and loud ways. A sense of destiny pervades your every waking
moment, and you prepare with great detail for destiny fulfilled. When you speak, IT

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

As it happens, I've even read A Prayer for Owen Meany. It's a great book and way better than the movie based on it (as is almost always the case).


Tooz said...

I really liked the animated bit. It's been a while since I read Prayer for Owen Meany, so I didn't try the quiz, but that site looks good too. Isn't it fun to see what other folks discover? Got your card today--love you.

ann said...

I'm Watership Down. I haven't read it, but looks like I should. These quizzes always tell me I'm childish. Hmmm....

"Though many think of you as a bit young, even childish, you're
actually incredibly deep and complex. You show people the need to rethink their assumptions, and confront them on everything from how they think to where they
build their houses. You might be one of the greatest people of all time. You'd be recognized as such if you weren't always talking about talking rabbits."

Becca said...

I'm not even sure I should post my result. It's somewhat funny...Maybe I should have said I did like Oprah.

"You're Lolita!
by Vladimir Nabokov
Considered by most to be depraved and immoral, you are obsessed with sex. What really tantalizes you is that which deviates from societal standards in every way, though you admit that this probably isn't the best and you're not sure what causes this desire. Nonetheless, you've done some pretty nefarious things in your life, and probably gotten caught for them. The names have been changed, but the problems are real. Please stay away from children."

Tooz said...

Finally figured out that the quiz was not like the AR quizzes at school, where they see how much you remember about a book. I was like Mrs. Allroro. I guess I need to read that book too.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Well, poo! Here's what mine said...
You're Ulysses!
by James Joyce

Most people are convinced that you don't make any sense, but compared to what else you could say, what you're saying now makes tons of sense. What people do understand about you is your vulgarity, which has convinced people that you are at once brilliant and repugnant. Meanwhile you are content to wander around aimlessly, taking in the sights and sounds of the city. What you see is vast, almost limitless, and brings you additional fame. When no one is looking, you dream of being a Greek folk hero.

For the record, I read Ulysses in high school, and don't recall much about it - meaning it wasn't a fave. Now, having read (and loved "Watership Down"), I'm a bit upset that that wasn't my book title. Poor little Fiver, I did love him.

Becca said...

So Jenn is vulgar and repugnant, and I am depraved and immoral. What the heck are we doing here?!?