Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Quick Update and Amusing Quotes

I had a good time over the last weekend. Steve and I finished Battlestar Galactica season 3, so we should be ready for the premier of season 4 on Friday. I especially liked the use of "All Along the Watchtower" in the final episode. I got to hang out and go bowling with friends on Saturday night and then hang out at Denny's afterward. Sunday was a good church service. Tuesday afternoon I attended an informational forum on library school hosted by the North Suburban Library System with representatives from Dominican University and the University of Illinois. I'm feeling a more motivated toward applying. Now if only I can find someone to buy some of these arms and legs so I can afford it. Tuesday night we finished up our study of the life of Joseph, so that's been good. I've also been helping out with a display at work. You can see the web portion here. I think Matt did a good job putting the page together.

Random amusing quotes:
"I feel like March came in like a lion, then turned into a lamb. Then another lion came along and ate the lamb and I'm afraid there won't be any more lambs." JA on our recent weather.

"That could have been any short person with a head." My response to Steve in a discussion of how I missed that the car in front of us was driven by a friend. Sometimes it would be nice to think at least as far as the end of the sentence before speaking.

Happy Eastertide.


Becca said...

Hey! It could have been me! I'm short, and last I checked, I have a head.

Tom and I have a running joke whenever I drive the car and he drives after. He always has to adjust the seat back and turn down the radio. I blame it on the deaf dwarf who keeps borrowing our car and returning it before we know it's missing.

That deaf dwarf has been stealing our car and bringing it back for *years*.

ann said...

That second quote was AWESOME!!

Sounds like you and Jenn are in the same boat with being very motivated to go to school, but wondering where the heck the money's gonna come from. If you find out, tell Jenn!!

ann said...

By the way, I do sometimes forget that making comments about short people might actually hurt their feelings. I think shortness is a most adorable quality, so for me, it's a great compliment to note something about their shortness. Those comments are not always appreciated. They all have heads, just like we tall people, it's just harder to keep those heads from getting wet in the shower. I can take a shower without getting my hair wet with no trouble--no shower cap necessary. Short people are amazed by that.

Incidentally, when I was in college, I found out I was tall (5'8"ish) for a girl. I was sitting in my friend Rachel's room, with another friend who was shorter than me, and I said, "There are a lot of short girls on this campus." They both stared at me for some time, and then one of them said, "You're really tall." Apparently some of those "short girls" were of average height.

Tara said...

Personally I thought the first quote about the lion and lamb was just about right on target for this time of year. And I'll have to remember the dwarf borrowing the car line. Especially considering I have a sister and a nephew who ARE dwarves!

Gina's Rambling's said...

Hey Everett! It's Gina M. from corbin, from your aunt Caroline and Margaret's church! Found your blog site off of ann's and got her's off of my neice Rachel's! Drop in and see Mine sometime, ginasramblings.... or email me @

Lydia said...

Bears Beets Battlestar Galactica