Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Looking for Causes and Goals in Life

I found this on the blog Stuf Christians Like. It's an exhortation to make seeking God the cause and purpose of our lives. I thought it was pretty good. There's a lot of good stuff on there, both satire and encouragement.

Trying to find a cause


Lydia said...

What a fart I am!! I cannot believe I totally missed your birthday. I know I've always been bad about sending cards (not sending them) but I just read Mom's blog and realized just how low I'd gone this time. Bubba, I hope you had a happy birthday. YOu deserve a great one!! i love you. Please forgive me for not sending a card or calling.

Some memories...I enjoyed our bike rides growing up, building snow forts, playing baseball and basketball in the backyard, playing train with Daddy's set of blocks and our stuffed animals and other toys, and thank you for the box of rocks you gave me for Christmas that one year. I always remember that and wish I'd kept it. I didn't appreciate it at the time, but sure would do almost anything to get it back. I love you! Your a great brother and friend!

Everett said...

Thanks, Sippy.

ann said...

I love you, too, and am also sorry I missed your birthday. I thought about it lots the week and days before, but forgot from the 8th through the time I read mom's blog (I think on the ninth or tenth). I apologize. If I weren't so hard-core against doing things in advance, then I would have been early with my birthday wishes this year. Instead, I'm very very late. Sorry. (I appreciated you calling me on my birthday, by the way!) So anyway, happy 29th birthday again. I still can't believe I'm older than you now.

I have lots of fondness for you in my heart, too, just like our sister does. Here are some of my memories. 1. you helped me with my math homework once, when you were home on vacation from college, I think 2. I used to pester you when you were playing toy soldiers in the back yard with your friends. I think it was my way of flirting with them. 3. You stuffed my head in the couch and sat on it. 4. You bought me Laurie for my birthday one year--she was an adorable doll, and I loved her to pieces--and you and Lydia both lied and told me she was a cabbage patch with glasses, before I opened it, and I was so mad that you had ruined the surprise.

That's good for now. Anyway, happy birthmonth.