Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter Wonder/Horror Land

Walking out of work this afternoon was great. There was a light snow falling heavily. That it to say there was a lot of snow falling but it was just coming down in tiny flakes steady and sure blanketing the trees and the campus. I love the silence of snowfall. It was really beautiful. The snow was so light I could almost blow it off the car.

Of course, then I had to get in the car and drive home. In any winter storm it's a challenge getting on IL-22 westbound from Trinity. It's even more so this year since they've got 22 down to one lane in either direction for bridge construction. I decided to go east and try a different route over the tollway. Naturally I almost spun out on the bridge. I finally got back to 22. Then I ended up spending at least an hour and fifteen minutes on a three mile stretch of US-45. It took two hours to get home. With no snow it might have taken just over half an hour.

Still I'd rather have the beauty of the snowfall with the long, tense commute than not have the snow at all. Besides I got to spend two hours listening to Dallas Willard's The Divine Conspiracy on CD. I don't mind waiting in traffic if I get to hear Willard talk about the Kingdom of God, the eternal kind of life now, and the authority of Jesus while I wait Some people on the expressways were looking at four hour commutes tonight. I don't mind two.

If only there were some way to keep the snow from falling on roadways, then it would have been perfect.


Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Please post pictures of snow. Oh, how I miss thee, pristine snow!

Everett said...

Sorry no pictures. I don't have a convenient picture taking device at the moment. Do a Flickr search on "snow". It was really pretty.

In other news one of my co-workers left about half an hour before I did and got home 2 and a half hours later.