Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wrestling Memories

So following on my previous post, I thought I'd list some of the moments that have stood out over the years as I've watched wrestling. I don't really expect this post to mean anything to anyone else and it's probably the last wrestling related post.

1. Watching Hulk Hogan "hulk up" as a kid. I managed to never make the connection that at the point where the opponent's offense stopped having any effect on the Hulkster was when he was turning into "the hulk." I watched that show and knew about not making David Banner angry but I never registered that aspect of Hogan's name or character.

2. Watching Hulk Hogan crotch Terry Funk on the top rope on a Saturday Night's Main Event title match. Happens all the time, but it was the first time I'd seen it and my 13 year old self was impressed with the cleverness of that move.

3. Watching Andre the Giant turn bad and start choking Hulk Hogan. Even when all the faces came down to rescue Hulk and Hacksaw Jim Duggan broke a 2X4 over Andre's shoulders he still didn't release Hogan until he was satisfied. Given that Andre was the penultimate good guy at that point it was really shocking.

16 year hiatus

4. I started watching WWE one Monday night in June of 2003 when I paused on it while channel surfing. I might have been hooked by the Divas' battle royal championship match which was won by newcomer Gail Kim. I was also impressed by athleticism in the InterContinental title match between Booker T and Christian.

5. Wondering why it hurt Rob Van Dam more if he hit the mat on a missed frog splash than if he landed on a body. Seems like the move would hurt just as much, just in different ways.

6. The Dudley Boys vs. La Resistance.

7. Seeing Rosie, the 400 lb. Super Hero In Training, pull off a 360 splash from the second rope on Sunday Night Heat.

8. Watching Batista bat Maven out of the air when the latter was attempting a drop kick off the top rope on another episode.

9. Chris Benoit showing up for the Raw Wrestlemania Title match contract signing between Shawn Michaels and Triple H and exploiting his Royal Rumble title clause to insinuate himself in their match.

10. Watching Kane basically do a push up to power out of Benoit's crippler crossface to extend a match. Until that point the crossface had seemed invincible and did after that as well. That really made Kane look strong.

11. Hearing Jericho call Triple H, "Trips" for the first time on the Highlight Reel with Eugene.

12. Watching Shelton Benjamin leap three quarters of the way across the ring right into Shawn Michaels' "sweet chin music" superkick.

13. Watching Goldberg pull off a jackhammer slam on 400 lb. Mark Henry.

14. The first time I saw Gail Kim win a match with a submission hold. More than anything else that sold the idea that some of the divas could really wrestle.

15. Evolution's turn on Randy Orton. During the celebration of Orton's title win over Chris Benoit, Orton was sitting on Batista's shoulders in triumph with confetti falling and everyone happy. Suddenly Triple H.'s thumbs up became a thumbs down, Batista slammed Orton to the mat and the beatdown was on.

16. 5'4", 175 lb. "heavyweight champion" Rey Mysterio had 6' something, 400 lb. Mark Henry, "The World's Strongest Man," pinned. In the most logical move of Mysterio's title reign, Henry basically did a sit up holding Mysterio against his chest, stood up, and slammed the champion. Rey went on to win the match anyway, but I loved that move.

17. The build to Batista v. Triple H for the championship at Wrestlemania in 2005. I also loved the movie parody commercials for Wrestlemania that year.

18. Any time Stone Cold Steve Austin would drop co-Raw GM Eric Bischoff with a stunner.

19. The Undertaker's entrance, anytime.

20. JBL on commentary.

21. Hearing about Chris Benoit's death. Benoit was my favorite WWE wrestler. He was portrayed as the ultimate professional, a master technical wrestler. He wasn't flashy but he worked hard and he always gave good matches, even on the rare occasions when they tried to portray him as a heel. It was obvious he was on steroids but he was so much fun to watch. Then in one weekend he killed his wife and his son and committed suicide. It was a shocking, tragic, evil moment.

There. That's probably it for wrestling posts.


Lydia said...

i think perhaps you should share the wrestling story from the Bible here as your posts almost always have some encouraging truth in them.

ann said...

I for one am glad you are finally putting your memory to use in a meaningful way. (Actually, my impression when reading this was, "I'm so glad this isn't all he thinks about. What a waste of a good brain.")

It made me slightly interested in wrestling. The closest I've ever been to being interested in wrestling:
1. When Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant were big-time and you were a fan.
2. The Princess Bride
3. (after a 16 year hiatus...not quite, but almost) In the video store where we worked, the main office had a Hulk Hogan action figure as its light switch. That, the ICEE machine, and the free video rentals were the reason I loved that place so much. Oh, and the vaccuum cleaner that was a back pack, straight out of Ghostbusters.

You inspired me with your waste of space memories.

Anonymous said...

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