Monday, May 21, 2007

Happy Anniversaries and Weekend

Happy Anniversary to Lydia and Geron, Ann and Daniel, and Nicki and Erik (5/17). Congratulations, y'all.

It was a good weekend. I went in and worked on Saturday. Saturday night Steve and I went over to Aaron's for a barbecue, some badminton, some LED night Frisbee, and general hanging around. When we came home I watched the movie Facing the Giants. This is a movie that was made by a large church in Georgia about the football coach at Christian High School and how he struggles with fear and resistance from parents as he leads the team to its first winning season in his tenure. It was released in theatres for a short run last fall. It's a sweet little movie. It was irritatingly cliched at times and had the same tone to the acting that I often note in Christian movies, reminiscent of the acting you often see in commercials. At the same time it had some really touching and funny moments. I was glad to have seen it.

On Sunday we heard a good sermon on Ephesians 1:11-13 and on God's inheritance and sovereignty. After the service our softball team played another double header. We lost the first game 26-2 (maybe one but I'm pretty sure there were two runs scored). We only got to play four innings. The other team scored maybe 24 of their runs in the first two innings, so we were doing okay at the end. The second was called on account of rain after the 6th inning with a score of 12-12. If only it'd been called after the 5th, we would have won. Oh well. Now we've got two weeks until our next game. After the game I went home and took a nap before going to graduation party for two friends who'd just finished their M.Div's at Trinity. I also got to watch the 400th Simpsons episode.

It was also a good weekend for reading. I finished The Gospel According to Science Fiction and got a pretty good start on Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson. It's a story about a marine and a cryptologist during World War II and then about their grandchildren working with an internet company in the late nineties. It's very interesting.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "Happy Anniversary". It was good. We had church yesterday and all went well there. Saturday, we saw Shrek the third. Kind of funny. Anyhoo, thanks. Love you!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks!