Monday, May 14, 2007


Having been tagged I respond.
Available or Single: If I was one wouln't I also be the other? There is only one of me so I am singular. I am not in any formalized romantic relationship so I am single and, presumptively, available. If I had taken some vow of celibacy I would also not be in the relationship and therefore single but not available for such a relationship. Likewise if I was not willing to be part of a relationship, which I might not be, interests notwithstanding, I would be single but not available. Given the opposition one must ask, "Available for what?" Still, I'm probably both in equal measure.

Best friend: Jim

Cake or Pie: generally chocolate creme or french silk pie, but if the cake is chocolaty enough....

Drink of Choice: Bass Ale

Essential items: a computer, access to LC ClassificationWeb, OCLC Connexion Client, AACR2, and resources to catalog; possibly a bar of soap. It depends many different things are essential to many different things.

Favorite colour: Royal (U.K.) Blue

Gummi Bears or Worms: If I must eat one, bears. They're smaller and it's over more quickly

Hometown: Georgetown, KY

Indulgence: plenary

January or February: Used to be January. Might still be. February's got a really annoying holiday in the middle and more melting snow but it's been growing on me recently. I love our youth group winter retreat which is usually the weekend of or after the annoying holiday that doesn't honor James Buchanon

Kids: none of my own. I like other people's okay.

Life is incomplete without:: Death is tempting, but I'm saying, "Jesus."

Marriage Date: 2/30/2674 if not sooner

Number of siblings: 4, 2 natural, 2 legal

Oranges or Apples: Obvious comparisons aside, apples, esp. New Zealand Braeburns

Phobias/fears: Otcin? Noir? People I don't know? God.

Quote: "Gopher, Everett?" Delmar

Reasons to smile: Exodus 32:24 and Romans 6:23

Season: Fall

Tag three: Mom, Geron, Becky

Unknown fact about me: I don't know any unknown facts about myself or anyone else. A little know fact is that Chris Benoit is my favorite wrestler

Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals: Neither. I'm with Cody. "I love animals. They're delicious."

Worst habits: Sinning.

X Rays or Ultrasounds: Never had the latter and I've enjoyed all the x rays I've had so I'll go with them.

Your favorite food: I don't thing it's fair that I should have to guess the favorite foods of everyone who reads this. I like Bill's/Buffo's double decker pepperoni pizza with crushed red pepper, parmesan, and oregano an awful lot, maybe as much as I like crab legs.

Zodiac: Rat or scales


Anonymous said...

R u afraid of me?

Everett said...

It's possible, I suppose. And, if not, perhaps I should be. How scary r u?

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...


Although I have been known, on occassion, to lurk about and post as anonymous, this time it was not me. I usually tend to actually spell out words, rather than using text messaging abbreviations.

Becca said...

Oh, man, did I need that laugh!

"We thought you was a toad!"

Tooz said...

Where is that line from? (We thought you was a toad!) Oh, wait--I think I know--"Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?"

Everett said...

"Do. Not. Seek. The treasure! It's a bushwhack!"