Thursday, August 31, 2006

Balance, Travel, and Blogging

I don't know if "balance" is actually the right word there, but it's the one I like to use for the concept. I tend to develop certain routines like everybody else, I suppose. When I can follow my routines, when I can get in the groove, I like how I function. When something happens that messes up the routine it tends to mess up my functioning in all kinds of areas. Sometimes this is not true and I'm able to take a minor disruption in stride. More often it is true. It's very often true if travel is involved. When I go somewhere else it messes me up in some ways. I get away from what I'm used to doing. I usually see this in the areas that are most dependent on habit formation. Most of my good habits seem to be pretty fragile. The bad ones don't seem to require the same amount of care. When I'm not in the office regularly because of travel or meetings it really kills my productivity. This is also true of breaks as my Florida teammates can attest. I want to work uninteruptedly. Lunch is okay but more than that breaks the rhythm I don't get as much done. Breaks are also very annoying in classes as they feel like wasted time to me. Anyway, I've been moving around a little more than usual this summer and it's taking a toll. I'll be gone again this weekend. Tomorrow I go down to Nashville to visit Ann and Daniel for a night. Saturday it's on to Chattanooga to see Lydia and Geron and meet Cora. Monday it's up to Georgetown for mom and dad, and Tuesday's back here. Then I'll have most of a month to get settled and reestablish some routines, including blogging, before I head up to Minnesota for a conference and then welcome a friend from out of town for a weekend. Anyway I hope all readers have a fun Labor Day weekend. God bless y'all


Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Yay! You blogged again!

Tara said...

Where and when will you be in MN??? Suzanne Lilleskov is laughing at you (Jim told me to type that) We can arrange for you to see her if you can get us some times and places!

Lydia said...

Just thought you'd want to know Cora really enjoyed visiting with her Uncle Everett. His fuzzy face was fun to pull on! She also really likes her kitty cat he gave her.

We love you!!
Lydia, Geron and Cora

Everett said...

I'll be there at the end of this month but I'll pretty much be in the Cities all weekend. I'll be up there for a conference at Bethlehem Baptist Friday night - Sunday morning.