Monday, February 05, 2007


Colts 29 Bears 17 Huzzzzahhhh!!!!

That was a fun game, especially since I was watching it with a group of middle school students and adults who were cheering for the Bears. They knocked off my Colts cap when I came in. I'm very happy for the Colts organization and particularly for Tony Dungy. Great game, sloppy and wet, but the right team won.

It made for nice morning. It was bright and sun-shiny, of course the temperature was only positive if you were counting by Kelvins, and the Colts are Super Bowl Champions!


Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

I can see from your post that you were able to find a Colts cap. Yay!

Jamie and I watched the whole game together. Well, except for those few times I dozed off... j/k

Becca said...

I missed the kickoff because I was at the grocery store, checking out, and I missed most of the 3rd quarter while giving CJ a bath. I can only hope the Peyton hype dies down somewhat and I can watch a Patriots game in peace.

Somehow I doubt it.

ann said...

I'm glad the Colts won. I do not follow sports at all, but have heard wonderful things about the coach and team.