Thursday, February 01, 2007

VI Weird Things About Me

So I've been tagged. And at last am dutifully responding. I'm thinking of this as a cross between weird things about me and things my blog readers don't necessarily know.

I. In keeping with the family weird eating habits, I like to eat peanut M&M's by biting them so as to separate the chocolate and shell from the peanut. Then I split the peanut into its parts and eat the "little man" if I can get him and then eat the rest of the peanut. Then I eat the chocolate. All of this occurs in my mouth.

II. I have a mild compulsion to solve simple math problems. One of my former pastors in a sermon said something about the disciples being able to ask Jesus anything, they could have asked him the square root of some random number, say 142,673. I spent the rest of the sermon trying to figure it out doing little computations all over my bulletin. I got it to within a few decimal places. Eventually I used a calculator to get it the rest of the way.

III. I hate pencils. Since sometime in elementary school I would always use a pen if I could. I don't like the feel of #2 pencils and I especially hate the scratching sound that pencils can sometimes make. Mechanical pencils mitigate both of those a little, enough that I don't mind using them to write the call numbers on title pages at work. But I'd still rather use a pen.

IV. I like to pull out beard hairs. There are these hairs that can grow several times thicker than any others. My friend Kit used to call them "rogue hairs". They're very thick and usually very short. I like to pull them out and admire them before throwing them away.

V. I like rivers and other bodies of water. Ever since I was little the prospect of crossing a creek or river, or passing by a big lake, especially if it's one I haven't seen before, has always been an exciting part of car rides. One of the reasons to go new places is to see new water. One of the most frustrating things is the fact that I've only once ever seen the Laurel River from a vehicle while going to and from Corbin. It always bothered me as a child that you could see the Rockcastle River but not the Laurel River. Once when I was sitting in the passenger seat of the van I saw it. It was nice to know there was really a river there.

VI. I like to sing Johnny Cash songs when doing karaoke even though the range doesn't always work.

VII. I like Roman numerals.


Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Oh, those were Roman numerals? I thought you just liked saying "I" a lot.

Yes, you may groan now at the stupidity of that attempt to be funny.

Tooz said...

10 and 101 I also like. As to 101, I remember you saying you were drawn to water. My favorite place to stay is at Cherry Grove, and my favorite thing to do there is to walk on the beach. Love you.

Everett said...

Jenn: Groaning complete.

Mom: which one is 10? Are you going binary on me? I didn't know you had to solve math problems too.

Becca said...

Look at Tooz, busting out the binary! But since it's six weird things, shouldn't we be using hexadecimal?

I remembered you didn't like pencils. Funny, I prefer them, and I love the scratching sound they make.

Becca said...

Oops, I meant base 6, not hexadecimal. I have to turn in my geek card now.

Tooz said...

I was trying to figure out what hexadecimal was, and yes, I did go binary. I love to do math problems, but I am not advanced enough to try to do square roots. Love you.

ann said...

Hey, I think it's not very nice to call that square root a "simple math problem." If mom can't do it, it's not simple.

But, Daddy's good at square roots, too, so maybe it's so naturally simple to you (because of the half of your gene pool that you and mom don't share) that you just really thought it was simple.

Brother, not much about you is "simple." Mostly just the color palate of your wardrobe.