Friday, March 12, 2010

12 Things I Love About My Mom

My Momma had a birthday today. In honor of the date I thought I'd put up a list of 12 things I love about my Momma. There are many more than I could list.

1. I love that she’s serious about sharing her faith with people she cares about.
2. I love the way she adopts people into the family.
3. I love that she loves my Daddy.
4. I love that she once told me the Beatles were awesome.
5. I love that she encouraged me to read and to love books even before I could walk.
6. I love that she was willing to let me go away to school and even took me on trips to Southwestern Missouri and all over Ohio looking for schools.
7. I love that she’s willing to offer a lifetime supply of coconut monkeys to someone if they’d marry me.
8. I love that she shares what God has showed her.
9. I love the devotion she showed in caring for Granny and Grandaddy.
10. I love that my friends wanted to travel 800 miles to meet her (and invited me to come along).
11. I love that she’s saved sermon notes, Sunday school notes, and cartoons that she thought I’d find interesting, useful, or funny.
12. I love that she loves to laugh.

Happy birthday, Momma.

Love, Bubba.


ann said...

Hear hear!

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

I love your momma, too. Jamie and I were blessed to take her out to dinner last night and have birthday cake with her. She's a mighty special lady, your momma is (and she's gote some mighty special children, too.)

Tooz said...

And I love my Bubba.

Kirsten said...

This is awesome Bubba!! Your mom is an amazing person!!

one question - what is a coconut monkey?
And along those lines - I believe the right woman is out there for you - God has his own timing and plan - and you will be a wonderful husband and father!! :)

Lydia said...

Do we have a sister I don't know about because someone is rooting for you along the same lines as myself. I don't know if you're even looking for the right woman at this point in time, Bubba, but I do believe God has one in store for you and I can't wait to meet whoever the lucky lady is! I do know I've decided to quit trying to pick her out for you and let God lead you to each other instead. He's much better at that kind of stuff then I am.

Anonymous said...

I've always loved coconut monkeys. Just saying.