Saturday, March 27, 2010

Knee feeling better

I mentioned that I tweaked my knee. It's been getting better all week. Today I went for a 2 mile walk around a lake at a local park and the knee's fine. In the process I got to see a couple of herons standing on the shore or in the water fairly close to the path. I don't think I'd ever seen a heron standing out of the water before, so that was cool. Also as I was walking I thought that I'd seen all the types birds that usually hang out at the lake except a cormorant (I thought "ptarmigan", but "cormorant" is what I meant). Then as I was crossing the bridge back to the parking lot I saw a cormorant fly in and land on the lake. That was really cool.


ann said...

You are your father's son.

Everett said...

My Mom's too.

*Amaris I.* said...

I'm glad to hear that yer knee is feeling better =] I've seen a heron come by the pond near my house, I've even taken the liberty of naming him. They are sooo neat.